Zuma – Paperless Brewer

The Zuma preserves the quality of the beverage, while eliminating undesirable filter-related maintenance. VKI® remains the sole holder of patents for this type of paperless brewing technology.


This patented VKI® brewer device is designed to consistently brew fresh filtered coffee, one cup at a time. The Zuma brewer does not require filter paper to operate, and is intended to be functionally integrated into coffee dispensing equipment. Our high manufacturing standards ensure quality is built into each unit, resulting in extended periods of reliable service.


Preserves the quality of the beverage, while eliminating undesirable filter-related maintenance

Delivers a freshly brewed cup of coffee in less than a minute

Eco-friendly paperless brewer

  • Reusable filter screen
  • Easy to clean, removable brew chamber
  • Direct drive system
  • Injection-molded frame
  • Unique wiper system to remove spent coffee grounds
  • Cylinder capacity: 11 fl. oz. (325 ml)

A special permanent filter screen is used between the brew chamber and the cylinder below. When freshly ground coffee and hot water enter the brew chamber, the air trapped between the top of the piston and the filter screen is forced through, mixing and agitating them thoroughly.

The piston then begins the extraction process on the down stroke, draining the liquid through the filter screen and leaving the spent coffee grounds. Just before pouring, the piston reaches the bottom of its stroke, the brewer coffee pours into a cup as the silicone wiper moves the spent coffee grounds out of the brewer area.

The system is then ready for the next brew.

Zuma – Paperless Brewer

Reverso – The Reverse French Press Brewer Engine

Model Zuma Reverso
Coffee Brew Filter base Reverse French Press
Cylinder Capacity 11 fl. oz. 32 fl. oz.
Filter Technology Permanent filter Stainless Steel etched filter
Filter Screen Reusable Reusable
Frame Injection-molded Injection-molded
System Direct drive system 24Vdc motor bidirectional, built-in motor controller