Reverso – The Reverse French Press Brewer Engine

Brewing a full-flavoured, rich and complex coffee.


VKI®’s patented Reverse French Press technology brews a full-body, rich and complex coffee thanks to the immersion brewing method.  Coffee grounds are completely immersed in hot water, extracting maximum coffee oils, flavors and aromas.


Everything is in the cup: the filters don’t absorb oils or flavors allowing the desired amount of bean fibers and oils into the final beverage.

The brewer can infuse up to 32 ounces of coffee in one cycle, using up to 60 grams of freshly ground coffee.  The brewer’s high capacity allows it to meet the optimal water-coffee ratio, without diluting the beverage with an extra water volume.

Its innovative design allows to brew up to 15,000 cups of coffee before performing a preventive maintenance routine, a first in the industry. In addition, its cleaning is easy and does not require any tools. Simply follow the steps displayed on the screen of the coffee machine.

  • Coffee Brew: Reverse French Press
  • Cylinder capacity: 32 fl. oz.
  • Filter technology: Stainless Steel etched filter
  • Filter screen: Reusable
  • Frame: Injection-molded
  • System: 24Vdc bidirectional motor, built-in motor controller

The piston movements and the water flow create an even water turbulence, lifting, separating and tumbling each particle of coffee for an optimum extraction.

The brewers are equipped with an 80 micron heavy duty filter.

VKI®’s brewer motor does not have the movement and speed limitations of cam brewers: it offers full control of brewing parameters such as agitation strength, brewing time, piston position and liquid extraction rate. This flexibility makes it possible to create unique recipes, adapted to each type of beverage.

Reverso – The Reverse French Press Brewer Engine

Model Reverso Zuma
Coffee Brew Reverse French Press Filter base
Cylinder Capacity 32 fl. oz. 11 fl. oz.
Filter Technology Stainless Steel etched filter Permanent filter
Filter Screen Reusable Reusable
Frame Injection-molded Injection-molded
System 24Vdc motor bidirectional, built-in motor controller Direct drive system